Good Morning, Goodnight

That’s how fast the days are passing. In between thoughts go by. Yesterday I saw my therapist. We talked about dad. I told her first they said he was okay, then he was not okay, six times. Then he is dying. All of it hard to deal with. I know it’s part of life to die but, I want him there eternally with all of us. I can’t be the judge. The Bible says you must be born again of the Holy Spirit as a little child and you’ll then be his to follow and improve your way of thinking and acting. You are in his control then because you have left worldly things behind to follow his love and forgiveness. Our sins are then covered by his blood because he sacrificed his life here and was crucified to save all those that believe. I am no expert by any means but, what I’ve learned from reading my Bible is my salvation.

Things are lining up in days gone by all the prophesies are coming true. Take a look at the Middle East all of them mostly are against Israel and want to destroy them. There is a tape out in Iran saying just that. Let’s get together and destroy the Zionists. They are going to do other terrorists acts to distract from the real objective. Look at all the nations warring, it’s just part of it all. I visited Lebanon for ten years every summer and lived two years there. Even though they toppled the government, it’s the same old disagreements they can’t get past. One army wants control over the whole country and the government with help from their allies, Iran and Syria. I believe all this fighting is evidence of what will come.  I was there in 2006 when the U.S. marines came to evacuate us. It was a horrible experience, yet my husband wanted us to live there and I don’t go back on my promises. Things were pretty good until June 2009 when I was diagnosed bipolar. As I said before I lived in a home of abuse and it was like I wasn’t there anyway. I don’t get what he’s griping about unless it’s laundry and cleaning. He drove me out.

I am just saying that you must decide before it’s to late. Either Jesus is your personal Savior and you let yourself be changed and then you have no worries. This worldly world will pass away. There will be Heaven and Hell. It’s your choice and no one knows the date or time only God. So let it be your choice, undecided means you choose destruction. You came into this world with no material goods or money. That’s the way you will go out. Yes we need it for cover over our heads and food and other things. Look at all the gadgets our kids have. My daughter after school was on the internet, texting or listening to her I pod. I told her she needed to spend more time reading her Bible and praying. These things just waste our time instead of what we should be doing. Yes, I have a computer, mp3 player, and cell to call home from my doctors appointments for a ride. I am a sinner like everyone else because flesh sins.

I have tried to tell my family these things, as my brother has and they say everyone has their own beliefs. The Catholic church says the first part of the Bible is not true just a fairytale. All of the Bible is inspired of God who is perfect. Do you think his disciples with the Holy Spirit wrote down wrong words? No way. I believe with all my heart and soul, and love of God through Jesus who saved us. Read back in my comments and read St. Matthew 7:13 & 14, that says it all for me. Make the choice now.

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