Empathy, Love and Forgiveness

I am getting off my sailboat and trying not to be judgemental. If someone doesn’t see my way at least God had me try. Believe me I have but, now to my parents I am done trying to change their views. If anyone asks me I will tell them my views. If I see an opportunity that God sets in front of me, I will act out of empathy, forgiveness and love. What good does it do me a bipolar to get all upset, nothing at all? I can’t change or open someone’s eyes, God has to. I am just as anyone else a sinner but, I know the truth to be forgiven. So I forgive myself for getting upset and God does too. If people are meant to see, feel the light in their hearts and love others. I will be but a shining light for Christ everyday in his way..

One thought on “Empathy, Love and Forgiveness

  1. I think that is a great way to look at things! You don’t need to get yourself all upset over something that is out of your control. You did/do your part, and the rest is left up to that person. Don’t get upset, it is not good for you being bipolar and all… and its not your job. 🙂

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