Religious Arguments I’m Done

My brother and his wife came over the other night. They talked about attending a Bible study at the Catholic Church. They said the priest said that Adam and Eve up until Abraham were just stories and not true. They also said that he said we developed from animals or (apes) evolution. I don’t care if people believe now what I do. This was just too much.. He said it’s all a storybook like tale in the beginning. We have been taught this since children. Noah and the Ark and all the people who came from each nation, I read it. Who could make all those names up. The Bible is inspired of God’s Holy Spirit to his disciples. How could they make mistakes in their writing. God is Perfect. He told them what to write. If you die without the Holy Spirit, I think it’s bye, bye pitsville. I am a Christian and will die believing what I do. 

My mom called our church too and he said the same that nobody knows for sure and the Bible was written by men. I tried to change their minds but, they just don’t see. I am sorry but, I am no monkey and never came from one. God created man in his likeness. I don’t care what happened before that it’s all scientific anyways written by men inspired of whom, themselves. I have watched those shows on the History Channel, all trying to disprove the Bible scientifically. It looks good and deceptive. So follow if you must. This is my opinion. Oh, and aliens helped to build the pyramids also. Who cares how these things were built what difference does that make now. The world is not ending in 2012 either. We haven’t had the tribulation or the rapture of all Christians, live and dead in Christ. The temple has not even been rebuilt in Jerusalem. So where will the anti-christ sit to declare himself God. Don’t comment if you don’t agree. This is my belief my blog.

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