Not much to say today

I went to my therapist. We talked about the week. Not too much bothering me except what I always speak of, my daughter mostly and stepson. We talk about a lot of things. She said I am doing very well. My meds are doing the job. My brother said never stop taking them because once you go off. It gets harder to find something that works. The more you do go off the worse your bipolar gets. I did not know this. 

Mom and I went for usual walk about an hour. Then shopping at the grocery back home. I’m just a bit let down today. It’s later in the day sometimes I get that way. I guess I’ll read a bit. I got two new books at the library also. I got a copy finally of my marriage license so not I can get my driver’s license. I want to check out the activity center here to see if it’s where I want to work as a peer. It’s for people like us bipolars and other disorders. We will see if it works out. I hope so. My brother suggested it will help me too, if I want it.

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