My friend Stephanie.

She is a great person with a wonderful personality. She loves to joke and tries hard to live in our bipolar world…  It isn’t easy when you have not much support. She just wants to be loved and understood like everyone else. Why can’t anyone, especially our closest partner see that. It’s true for me that there is a thin line between love and hate. My best friend, husband, lover of sixteen years, deserted me when I needed him most. So guess what because I left I’m the deserter. He will never-never admit he did anything to make it worse. He helped me to a point. Like driving me to the doctor, but saying he had to sit like a dog outside waiting. Yelling at my therapist more than once that he wanted the old me back. Geez this was my therapy. He didn’t want to participate he just wanted to incite my disorder all the time. Behind closed doors he did his worst. I felt like I was crouching down trying to avoid the devil himself. I think there’s a picture of that somewhere. Showing how a person is enticed to sin and never left alone. Well I am a forgiving soul and I still love him and my family there, but I will never return to the Middle East in this life. 

So Stephanie and others like us need your prayers. All of our souls need praying for all the time. So many diseases, disasters, hate, sin, more and more all the time.

One thought on “My friend Stephanie.

  1. You are too kind to mention me in your blog like that. 🙂 Brings a tear to my eye! Seriously, I think I am going to start calling you my angel. You don’t mind that do you? If I call you angel? lol Or should I stick to Cheryl? Or both? 😛 You are so sweet! I have read your entire blog today. I must say you have been through the ringer and I am so impressed how you have turned your life around! You are a great roll model for many, many people and I truly know you have a purpose in this life for that reason. Thank you again for blessing me with your presence everyday! 🙂

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