What a Gorgeous Day!

We are just relaxing today. Mom & Dad watching golf. They still like Tiger, I do too. Everybody’s a sinner I wrote to him one day. Get back to playing. Stop spitting and cussing though, very unbecoming. We go to church at 4:30 Mass today. I prefer to go Sunday but, it’s not my choice since I’m a rider not a driver yet. Next week I should have my license again. Then I’ll be able to get a job and do some of the things I’ve been talking about. Going to the activity center for people with psychological disorders, like mine. Then I’ll know if this is right for me or maybe something else. I’ve got twenty years or so left to work unless something changes. If you know what I mean.  No one knows what’s behind the corner or when. Bless me and all Lord Jesus. It’s in the sixties with lots of sunshine.

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