Pitching a Fit Sort of.

We went walking and came back with a new coffee pot. First thing dad said “Why did you buy this with so many things on it.” That was dumb. So we worked to together, me reading the book him not (as men do) and got it going. It’s a programmable with a clock and auto start, geez. I loved it. We made some coffee and he said. ” I was wrong this was a good buy.” He loved the coffee. We high-fived. Gotta love my dad, LOL. He has got to stop his cussing, one of my triggers, but I did say stop cussing never did before. I don’t want to hear don’t tell me what to do in my own house.

Guess what my daughter is reading everything I send her.. I am being blessed. She never opened them before.

It’s another walking day.

Three times a week I walk with my mom. It’s getting nice here so we can get outside too. Mostly we walk in the mall. The rest of the week we try to use turbo track and the elliptical we have. I want to shape up a bit even though I don’t weigh too much now (125). You know those baby stretch areas and cellulite. I know you can’t expect it to work but, at least my heart gets a work out. It’s a great way to reduce stress and anxiety not to mention get out of the house. Still I feel much better doing these things just for peace of mind and having good talks with my mom who will be seventy-nine this year.