The End of This Day

At the end of this my spirit soars. I feel the Lord so close to me. I got away from my parent’s bickering and came back out later. Don’t they get it. Their lives are nearing an end. They should be joyful and full of the spirit and love for each other. Yet here they are bickering over little things. I tried to talk with mom she doesn’t believe what I believe, it’s okay. Maybe through my and my brother Mark’s example we can show the Lord in us. Eyes that see, ears that hear said over and over last week. Yes I hear and I see. Thank you Dear Jesus for saving me. All the suffering I endured to come to you was well worth it. You gave your life and suffered more than anyone can imagine so we could gain salvation. Praise and glory be to you Almighty God. You have my soul that could have been lost.

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