Better Days

My dad seems to be getting stronger every day. I think though he thinks he may die soon. When you’re eighty you think about those things. I hope he has accepted the Holy Spirit. My mom doesn’t want me to talk to him about it. So I won’t to not get her upset. I wish she could understand what I am saying, but it’s now up to the Lord if she and he sees or not. I sent the same request to my daughter and stepson in Lebanon. That they should choose Jesus and accept the Holy Spirit and study his word. I hope they take the advice God sent through me. I said if you don’t chose the choice is made for you and I gave them St. Matthew 7:13-14 for and example. All the countries around and Lebanon mostly hate Israel and they are God’s chosen people. So I hope they both realize what God is asking. Maybe through them others can be saved. In Jesus’s name I pray.

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