My Dad is ill

Shortly after I arrived in November, my dad started having problems. He has Copd, asthma, colitis, a blood disorder that has lowered his immunities and could become leukemia already diagnosed. This time since he had his gallbladder out years ago he had a blockage of small stones outside the liver. They went in once and cleared it and had to go back to put a stint in, because he was still having problems. He has mostly not felt himself since then. He is also a diabetic recently taking meds and eating properly, checking his glucose. Now again he is feeling sicker the last few days and has not been able to eat and what he does eat he throws up. He has lost another four pounds. I am very afraid for him. I pray the Lord Jesus doesn’t take him yet. I love him so. I know he will be with you though. He will be eighty this year.

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